What’s included in cleaning

If you select JUST bathrooms for your cleaning (no kitchens and no other rooms), your cleaning will include just the bathrooms — plus any additional services you choose.

If you select Kitchens, in addition to your bathrooms, your cleaning will include:

  1. Kitchen Floor
  2. Exterior of the cabinets and appliances wiped down (not deep cleaned)
  3. Countertops thoroughly cleaned.
  4. Sinks

If you select 1 or more  Bed Rooms, in addition to your bathroom, your cleaning will include:

  1. Living room.
  2. Dining room.
  3. Den.
  4. Hallways and entryways.
  5. Stairways.


KleenBathrooms has a cleaning checklist that your cleaning professional will follow. You can leave additional notes in your account after checkout, by contacting us, or contact us with tab by providing instructions during your cleaning.



You can review all of our Extra services here.

Note: To protect the safety of our professionals, we cannot perform the following: cleaning that requires climbing on ladders, exterior windows, mold removal, deep stain removal, insect and pest removal, cleaning pet messes, cleaning blinds, and items that require heavy lifting.

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