The Kleen Bathrooms Story

How Kleen Bathrooms came to be.

The Kleen Bathrooms Story

An unexpected career change for Dad

The Kleen Bathrooms Story.

Ever find yourself or a loved one searching for a new career?  Well, my wife and I found ourselves in that situation earlier this year.  With nine (yes, 9) daughters to raise, and a wife working on a catholic school’s teacher salary, I started searching for a new career.

As the career search continued, we couldn’t help but consider another alternative – starting our own business.  I had successfully started businesses in the past, but wasn’t planning to start one again.  But plans change when they need to.

A cleaning business?

So, Andrea and I thought about our experiences and what business might make sense.  A bakery?  She’s Italian and her father and uncle ran a successful Italian bakery on the west side of Cleveland – one her grandfather started when he immigrated here from Italy.  A marketing company – like there’s not enough of those around?

Finally, we settled on a cleaning business  My parents we’re in the cleaning business their whole lives.  I worked for them as a teenager and know the business.  I researched the current market and became convinced this was a service we could provide in a top-notch fashion.

A belief that we can offer a better experience.

Andrea and I reflected on our experience with a cleaning service years ago.  I was always puzzled when, the day before the cleaners were scheduled to clean, Andrea would be straightening up the bedrooms and other parts of the house.  I’d ask, “aren’t’ the cleaners supposed to do that?”  Andrea always felt that she didn’t want the cleaners to see our house messy.

We loved our cleaning company, they did a fine job and were very nice to deal with.  We loved our cleaning crew.  We didn’t, however, like the fact that they had “minimum” charges which basically forced us to have them clean our whole house.  We really wanted our bathrooms, kitchen floor, and a few other critical parts of the house cleaned by them.  The rest we could handle on our own.  We certainly didn’t need them in the kids rooms (or even our room) since we could tackle those jobs easily.

A commitment to streamline the process of finding a cleaning company.

We also remembered what a pain it was getting quotes and scheduling our first cleanings.  Were we getting a fair price?  Wasn’t there an easier way than having someone come to our home to quote us, or going back and forth by email?

So, we decided to offer a better solution with our Kleen Bathrooms company.  First, no minimums.  Minimums are good for the cleaning company, but not so much for the customer.  Next, online pricing – we want you to see that our prices are fair and reasonable.  Finally, online scheduling – pick the time that works best for you – if you need a time not showing, just send us a note and we’ll see what we can do.

How we fell in love with Norwex© Green Clean products

As we researched what cleaning products we would use in our new business, we came across Norwex© green cleaning products.   What a find that was!  As we learned more about green products, we fell in love with Norwex and their product line.

While we offer a totally green cleaning option, we also decided to use some of their products in all our cleanings.  The Norwex© Window Cloths are amazing and leave glass cleaner than any other product on the market – green or not.  We use them for all our cleanings.

We look forward to meeting you and bringing Carefree Cleanliness to your home

So that’s our story – we believe we can offer exceptional customer service, and a cleaning service that meets YOUR needs.  We appreciate your decision to work with us and we will do everything we can to make it an enjoyable experience.

Here’s to Kleen Bathrooms, a Clean home, and Carefree Cleanliness!

Andrea and Tim